Founded in 1817, Gent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries. The university employs 7.100 staff members who provide education for a total of 32.000 students over 11 faculties. Annual endowment is 410 million euro; the direct funding from the Flemish Community makes up 49% of the total endowment. Our faculty (Medicine and Health Sciences) alone currently educates 4400 students.

UGent will conduct in vivo experiments in the A20-deficient mouse strain and contribute samples from an extensive patient cohort.

WP1: Deep analysis of molecular disease mechanisms

To determine S100-DAMPs in synovial fluid, articular and intestinal biopsy tissue from our extensive bio bank and perform in-dept analyses of tissue-specific A20/TNFAIP3-ko mice. 

WP2: Molecular Imaging
Maintain, breed and ship the diseased animals to the site where imaging will be performed.

WP3: Validation of S100-DAMPs as biomarkers

To design and validate testing procedures based on S100-DAMP detection for mucosal or joint inflammation in risk populations including. relatives of patients with SpA, IBD, Psoriasis.

WP4: Unbiased identification of novel biomarkers

Perform elaboratescreening of micro-RNA profiles of patient samples from our bio bank in collaboration with Jo Vandesompele in order to identify potential disease biomarkers.

WP5: Monitoring disease activity by biomarkers for individualized medicine

Distribute samples from our tissue collection, perform clinical follow-up of an ongoing prospective study and correlate the S100 DAMP ELISA results with clinical parameters.