The Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research is a multidisciplinary centre for life science research based on the Belfield campus of University College Dublin, the largest university in Ireland. A major research focus of UCD Conway is the identification of molecular mechanisms and markers underlying human in particular in the area of inflammation. The Institute‘s broader objectives are set on the integration of the biological sciences with clinical research and sciences based at UCD-affliated teaching hospitals not traditionally associated with biology with a view to realising the synergistic benefits of such association.

The Proteome Research Centre (established by Prof Pennington) is a state-of-the-art facility that supports the proteomics research within the Institute and beyond. The centre is equipped with a range of mass spectrometers including an Applied Biosystems 4800 Plus MALDI-TOF/TOF, two Thermo LTQ linear ion trap ESI MS instruments, tow Thermo LTQ-Orbitraps, a Bruker Daltonics HCTultra ETD II ion trap and ‘quantitative proteomics platform‘ to be used in this project: comprising an Agilent 6520 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight HPLC-Chip ESI mass spectrometer and an Agilent 6460.

Team L to R: Oliver (FitzGerald), Matthew (Doyle), Steve (Pennington), Phil (Gallagher), Agnes (Szentpetery), Stella (Ademowo)