Bühlmann is an independent, medium sized Swiss company located close to Basel/Switzerland. The company is since 36 years on the market and specialised in development, production and worldwide distribution of immunological and enzymatic in vitro test systems in the fields of Inflammation, Allergy, Neuroimmunology and Clinical Chemistry. We employ approx. 45 collaborators at the headquarter and small sales teams in our affiliates in DE, FR, IT and AT. The company is ISO (9001 and 13485) certified and works under GMP (IVD Directive 98/79/EC) regulations. A series of the IVD products have gained clearance by the FDA.

We will develop all immunological test systems such as ELISA and quantitative lateral flow (point-of-care, POC) tests on two different platforms in this project.

WP1&WP3: Validation of S100-DAMPs as biomarkers: as we have already developed first versions of a S100A8/A9 ELISA for serum and stool samples and a quantitative lateral flow test for stool samples, we can deliver these tests as CE-marked products for the clinical validation studies with defined clinical samples. In WP5: Performance of biomarkers in individualized medicine: in this WP we will also deliver the S100A8/A9 ELISA for serum and stool samples and a quantitative lateral flow test for stool samples for the longitudinal follow-up of patients who are under therapy. With these data the treating physician can use the results for an optimal treatment of the patients leading to personalized resp. individualized medicine. In WP6: Technical innovation: in this WP we will develop a quantitative S100A8/A9 lateral flow test for serum and whole blood application to bring the test nearer to the patient. As a further task we will develop new (S100) markers, which are relevant for diagnosis/therapy follow-up, coming from the WP4 of this project to our existing quantitative lateral flow platform as well as to a new point-of-care test platform with a newer, more robust technology with multiplexing capability as a second generation product. We lead WP8, together with Biogazelle.